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Do you have intuition?

Do you have intuition? I believe that we all have this ability, some pay attention to it, some do not. So what is this thing called intuition? We call this by many different names such as: a gut feeling, dejavu, awareness, insight, instinct, perception, sixth sense – and the list can go on. Intuition, or as I like to call it, a “knowing”, is information that flows to us from outside the normal parameters of this current reality. You find yourself with guidance and information that you should not have access to.

Do we always listen to this information flow? Many of us disregard this phenomenon as a byproduct of imagination or beings of evil motives. However, there are an endless amount of stories of people, who have listened to this knowing, changed their path and found that this was a decision that benefited them greatly. We have also heard the stories of people, who did not listen to this knowing, and have found themselves having a bad experience. The hardest part of having a knowing, is trusting the information – we find ourselves thinking that we are creating this as fantasy. My mentor gave me the best strategy for this doubt – I was told to “trust what you get, you feel like you are making it up, but you are not”. I have not received ANY inaccurate knowledge and/or information, for myself and/or others, since I have adopted this strategy.

I understand that this is a hard strategy to incorporate because our society “rules” have indoctrinated us to look at institution and theology to answer our life questions and provide the necessary knowledge. It is very easy to get locked into an institutional strategy that may limit our personal growth; however my belief is that we can gain information and answers, for anything and everything, through our own personal intuition or knowing. I personally had to make a conscious effort to break free of the worldly norms in order to put my personal growth into high gear. Don’t get me wrong, there is benefit and growth within institution and theology, however, I feel like we limit ourselves and can only grow so much in this environment – I have been there done that. I have encountered an immense personal growth from connecting with this universal knowledge and experience.

So how does the human body connect to this knowing? There are some common ways that have been presented on the internet and in the scientific community. The first and foremost way of connecting is found through the Pineal Gland. This structure is a pea sized gland that is located in the middle of our brain. This gland processes our connection to “the other side”, is the means by which we dream, and provides a way to regulate our wake and sleep cycles. The most interesting thing is that this gland has the same basic structure as our eyes do, perhaps this is why it is also called our third eye. Why would our creator place a gland, in the center of our brain that has the ability to “see”? My opinion, as well as many others, is that this is gateway into other dimensions or other realities where we have access to unlimited universal information. This gland is activated during effective meditation, giving us an unlimited abundance of answers and insight. There has been a great amount of discussion lately that points to the fact that this gland is becoming calcified due to our diet, but primarily due to the levels of fluoride in our city drinking water. I felt good about this information until recently. I began to realize, that if calcification of the pineal gland makes it inoperative, then how do I still maintain wake/sleep cycles, how do I continue to dream, how do I still have intuition and connection to “the other side”? I am not entirely convinced that we are calcifying our pineal gland into oblivion. Or maybe we are and our body and our mind has adapted other ways of achieving intuition.

I have recently been researching DNA and found that this structure, which runs through every one of our trillions of cells, is quite the mystery. I stumbled on some research about the storage capacity of DNA and I was quite amazed. One researcher quoted that 1 gram of DNA can hold approximately 700 Terabytes of information. There appears to be about 50 total grams of DNA in the human body. I am not a math wizard, but that is a WHOLE lot of data! What if the DNA of every human, is encoded with every bit of information contained in our known universe? What if every bit of information is available to us, from within us, from the beginning of creation? Perhaps we do not need the pineal gland to connect with this universal information – and we carry it with us at all times?! I believe that we have access to everything and anything, but to know that all this might just be part of our existence is quite astounding to me. If this is the case, then how do we access this data at will? I am a psychic medium and I am given very accurate information that I should not normally have access to. What I find is that this knowing or information comes through most when I share someone else’s energy. If some speaks a request to me, writes it down on a piece of paper, texts it to me, emails it to me….then I am able to access information that they want to know, this includes connecting to those who have died. I am a believer that I am accessing information, by connecting with their energy, and telling them things that are already encoded within them. This also happens when I touch objects of any kind – I immediately connect with the person who last had the object, or who had the object the most. We are all energy beings who are sharing the same energy of this universe; shouldn’t we be able to cross over into other energy fields and access information?

Another way of gaining access to the knowing is through the use of mediums. These mediums are known as Angels, guides, spirit animals, etc. and serve as our link, or intercessory, to our creator who knows all. This avenue of awareness was the first way that I was introduced to the metaphysical world. One of my deceased relatives began to converse with me in my dreams, which eventually led to a relationship in my awake state. This spirit guide provided me with a very accurate knowing like I have never experienced before. Sometimes “the other side” has to take advantage of us during our sleeping moments, when we are a captive audience without the conscious mind getting in the way. As I began to work this new spirit guide, other deceased relatives began to form a panel for me to communicate with. Recently I was presented with an Angel who has come in to be my primary guide and I have found even greater knowing in my life since she has come along. I have talked with many others who have access to this knowing through other types of entities. In my opinion, I don’t feel like it matters what type of entity we use to connect to our creator. What I believe is that we are presented with someone or something that we are comfortable with, in order to allow us the freedom to connect.

I am certain that there are many other explanations for how we acquire our knowing. Our body, mind and spirit is very clever and will always find a way to connect as long as we are willing and accepting of this knowledge.


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