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How Big is Our Reality?

A strange thought crossed my mind, as I looked at my cup of coffee this morning. I love to drink my coffee with powered creamer and most of the time, this creamer leaves shapes and images on the surface of the fluid. What I saw on the surface looked much like our own earth may look like from above, with land mass, oceans and suns. This picture started me thinking about my current reality, and the possibilities of other worlds, or realities, existing elsewhere and embedded in this reality.

The experience that we call a reality feels truly real to us. As vast, large and expansive as this world, and our universe seems, I wonder if what we call real is only a speck compared to everything there is? We can clearly see that we have land mass, bodies of water, an atmosphere, and many great and wonderful details of our existence. We can certainly experience our environment through our physical senses, but is our reality all that there is? The advent of quantum physics has opened all kinds of new information that suggests, and in many ways proves, that this reality is only a very small part of what exists. It seems that there is some new scientific breakthrough that demonstrates our reality is just a very tiny slice of all there is. Parallel universes, multiple universes, alternate dimensions, quantum computing across multiple realties, and holographic research has very promising data that suggests that the reality in which we live, is very fleeting and may similar to the analogy of a drop of water in our oceans.

The human mind and curiosity are always seeking out forbidden or unreachable knowledge; much of this curiosity winds up in our media through television, movies, and social media platforms. When I was a young man, I remember my father telling me that he used to watch science fiction movies about going to the moon; that made me realize that our media most likely is showing us things that are already happening, or will happen in our future. I watch movies and shows much differently after formulating the thought of predictability of this media. We have movies, like the “Matrix”, that have many of us reevaluating our existence. The “Men in Black” movies have portrayed galaxies that existed in something as the size of a necklace charm. Even in animated movies for children, are laden with ideas like this, such as “Horton Hears a Who”, which personifies an entire existence that lives on a small dandelion. Are all these media presentations just great imaginations, or are we being shown what is truly happening? I am not certain; however, the truth is that entire living systems exist in some of the tiniest spaces. How many of you remember lab and science classes where you studied about the cells of our body? It was quite amazing the world, or existence, that appears under great magnification in each of our trillions of cells of our human bodies. Much science now suggests that each of our cells can be quite independent from the other cells; so basically, we have trillions of little worlds in our bodies. If you go even deeper than that, each or our cells in turn have their own individual worlds which can be seen with greater magnification.

What if this world, our earth and this universe is simply a tiny little cell in some other existence? Now that is quite staggering to think about. Even if you look at our own known universe, the earth is just a very tiny spec in our galaxy, which is a neighbor to an enormous number of other galaxies. In this reality we are inhabiting a vastly large earth, from our perspective, so we are also a very small spec just on this earth. The big bang theory seems to align with our known existence, we started with “something” tiny, with some type of energy release that is now continually expanding. Our universe is currently expanding at about 74 kilometers per second, seemingly as a result of this energy release, or explosion, from the big bang. It appears then, that we as humans are just a microscopic portion of our known existence.

Being a microscopic part of our know universe in no way negates the importance of each of us, for we all have our role in the growth and existence of our universe. Just like the cells within our body, the universe cannot be functional and whole without all of us doing our part. On the other part of that equation, none of are greater than any other human on this planet, we are all simply part of the matrix and fabric of this cosmos, where each of us contribute to the whole of everything. Let us all put our existence in perspective and remember that to thrive in this world, universe and cosmos, we need each other and we need to be in unison towards one goal, working together for the good of all.

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