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Is COVID Still a Thing?

I just finished up a 14-month long emergency response mission to support COVID operations in the state of Texas. I was engaged in the management of many medical staff, working in hospitals across Texas, that were paid for by state funds. There is a process for federal reimbursement of most of these expenditures, but I highly doubt that all the expenses will be recouped. I am not talking about a small amount of money spent by the agency that I worked for; our expenses were over 4 billion dollars during this 14-month operation. This mission spun up in a big hurry and stayed at a very high tempo, however, it seemed to end almost as fast as it started.

I find it very interesting that the COVID precautions and guidelines, in the United States, have shifted to the point of almost normal, seemingly overnight. I understand that the mission to get people vaccinated was also a high energy operation, which also has slowed down to a crawl. However, we are nowhere near completing the vaccinations for all Americans, yet many states are relaxing the precautions quite drastically. Reaching a “herd immunity, has been the tagline for so long, but it seems like this has also gone to the wayside. I am certainly not saying that I believe that COVID is what we have long been told it is supposed to be, but to stop the push suddenly and strikingly for vaccinations and precautions seems very odd. In the United States, we have only reached about 50% of the population being vaccinated. So why the sudden change of heart from our governments?

There are many stories and reports regarding a large portion of our population that is refusing to get the vaccination. Obviously, there are many reasons for the vaccine denial, to include religious implications, the fact that there are not solid studies for the vaccines, and rumors and reports about secondary illness from those that have been vaccinated. The most recent stories have been about the shedding of spike proteins, from those who have been vaccinated, causing those without the vaccinations to experience many medical issues. I have watched many videos recently, by doctors that have begun to deny treatment to any person who has been vaccinated, for fear of infecting those without the vaccine. The information about spike proteins shedding from those who have been vaccinated is quite disturbing; we are, after all, the largest group of study subjects for any new vaccine in our documented history.

It seems that we are learning about the issues and problems as we begin to vaccinate the population; things which could have been detected in proper study and development of the vaccines that are now being administered. I know that no vaccine is perfect, and that there are risks, but we normally have a better idea what these risks are due to the normal lengthy studies. As previously mentioned, numerous doctors from around the world, as coming forward and stating that this vaccine and the COVID pandemic is all a sham and that nothing being discussed or forced on the population has any true merit. I am not a doctor, but I have been in the medical field for over 25 years and have also served on approval committees for new drugs and vaccines. My years of medical and research experience have led me to believe that there is certainly something not quite right with the COVID-19 pandemic, although my credentials do not lend my opinion to a scholarly debate.

I will give you an example of a very strange event that happened to me. Although I am not a big believer in what is going on with COVID, I did receive the Pfizer vaccination regimen, mostly because it is a work requirement, and I was making a tremendous amount of money. First, I will tell you that I have not had any solid medical issues from this vaccine, although I did feel like I had COVID for several days following each administration. There have been some interesting videos posted recently that demonstrated that the vaccination site was metallic enough for a magnet to stick to the site. Now this is something that I can relate to in a similar fashion. After I received my second round of vaccination, the energy of my body changed dramatically for several days. After I returned to my office, following this vaccination, I began to experience issues with all my electronics. The primary devices were my cellphones, my Wi-Fi hotspots, and my work radios. I could not get a clear signal on either of my cellphones or radios, and all my hotspots quit working, and this went on for 3 days. I originally thought that the area that I was in was suffering some type of issue, especially since I was located just across the border from Mexico. I started asking my coworkers and it turns out that only my devices were being affected with a poor or absent signal. The odd thing is that everything began working again when I was no longer feeling the ill effects of the vaccination. So, when you hear stories, watch videos, and read articles that are informing you that the vaccination is changing things unnaturally, you might want to pay attention. I am very in touch with the energy of my body and mind, so I know that what happened to me was not normal for me. In my mind I am convinced that the strange things other medical professionals are saying, are likely to be true.

The information in this article is only my opinion, based on research and personal experiences, and by no means proves that the COVID experience is true or false, however, I challenge you to look closer at the data so that you can create an informed belief for yourself. Now back to the question in the title of this article, “Is COVID Still a Thing?”. I personally do not believe that COVID ever was a thing that needed to be dealt with in the manner that it has been dealt with, but I am perplexed at how fast our nation has backtracked to more of the normal state. Perhaps they have vaccinated enough people to meet whatever agenda that they are pressing towards? Maybe the effect of what they are trying to achieve can be done with only a 50% rate of vaccination, especially since so many secondary illnesses have been manifesting? Maybe they truly have called out the politicians and the business involved in this movement, with enough damming evidence to create the seemingly abrupt changes?

I do not think any of us commoners will ever know the true plan or agenda, at this point, most of us can only research and speculate about what is going on. I guess time will tell....

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