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Let's talk about trust...

Trust is an interesting word, a word that has been given many definitions, and has been correlated with many other terms. Trust has been interchanged with words like faith, belief, confidence, assurance, conviction and many others. What I really find interesting is that when I looked up the definition in a dictionary, the word trust is listed as a noun AND a verb. My personal feeling is that trust is an action word, meaning that trust is something we should be doing on purpose.

I am a psychic medium and my spirit guide is an Angel with whom have great communication with. This morning when I opened the garage door to leave for work, I saw that there was a very dense fog that had settled in. My Angel gave me the reason for fog – this phenomenon is an indication that the heavenly realm has descended in order to provide cleansing and healing for us. Even louder and more clearly was the message, or better, a question to me – do you trust me? This question stopped me in my tracks because I had to really think about that. I am about to get in my car for the 22 mile drive to work in a very dense fog. Do I really trust? What does that mean? Of course we all say we trust God, our Angels, our spirit guides – but do we really put this into action? I replied to my Angel and stated that I did trust her and headed out to work.

As I was driving through this fog I began to really hone in on this word, or action, of trust. As I looked ahead on my drive, I noticed that I could only see ahead as far as my headlights would shine and I imagined that is only about 50 feet at best. So here I am, driving 70 miles per hour in a dense fog and can only see 50 feet in front of me. This struck me as an action of major trust! I am trusting that I will reach my destination, 50 feet at a time, and that nothing will appear in my path as I travel in my little fog bubble. On dry pavement with no other issues, it should take over 300 feet to bring my car to a complete stop. I literally need to have absolute and complete trust in what lies ahead of me outside this 50 feet within the fog. This made me realize that we all trust, even if we choose not to on a conscious level.

I have met a lot of people who tell me that they do not trust anyone or anything. I would challenge that with a story like this, driving through the fog, but even with other parts of our lives. For example, we all trust that the water coming out of our faucet is safe to drink, that the food we buy at the grocery store was prepared and packaged properly, or that the car we are driving was properly engineered and assembled with great accuracy. We trust our teachers, we trust our doctors, we trust our pharmacist, we trust our veterinarians, and a whole host of other people and organizations. Whether we know it or not, we trust on autopilot for most parts of our life. However, when we try to consciously envision trusting something or someone, we begin to struggle with whether we can do that. Obviously we can trust because we inherently do it every day in many different ways. So why does it seem so hard to trust that our past and our future? Why do we find it so hard to trust ourselves? These are tough questions to answer, however, I think that is our human experience.

I believe our past experiences and our drive to control our future tends to wear down on the trust we have in ourselves. I understand that we all have a past, and that it tends to form who we are now, however, we do not have continue to dwindle down our self-trust by keeping our past alive. We tend to look at our past experience and pick out all the flaws, the mistakes, and the decisions that should have been different, which gives rise to how well we trust ourselves now and for the future. Many of us also struggle with our future because we continue to dwell on our current failings, thus envisioning a poor future outcome. Our real struggle comes with trusting ourselves, right now, in this moment. After all isn’t that all we have as a guarantee – this current moment? Our past is gone, our future is not here yet, and our only real experience is right now. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with looking at our past for our healing, or looking at our future so we can plan how we would like to get there. However, if we forget about this moment, and create tunnel vision on our past and/or our future, we forget who we really are. We forget to trust this moment that we are given and relish in our life as a human, a life that our creator has given us to experience.

I made it to my destination safely and as I pulled into my parking space I noticed something within the confines of my headlights. There in front of me, in my headlights, were footprints in the wet grass, stretching from my parking space into the distance and disappearing within the fog. My Angel gave me a very powerful message at that point; life is similar to the fog and this path.

Life is about the moment, we cannot see where are going to end up, we cannot see where we have been, we cannot see to our left or right, we can only see or experience what is directly around us. Trust is the only thing we can really embrace because there is only this experience right now. The path that we are walking on is already set for us, our destination already made for us, the path has already been walked by our guides and our creator, and we do not have to walk this path alone. Our path is our own, it is unique for us, others can walk with us but no one can take this journey for us, and we have to trust this moment and in those who guide us.


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