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Meditation and Mindfulness

I have been meditating regularly for eight years, following a failed 26-year marriage, with the goal of personal growth in mind. I did not partake in any formal meditation classes or rely on guided meditation, and simply decided to learn how to meditate on my own. After some research, I decided to utilize a piece of frequency sounds that was 20 minutes in length, to begin the process of learning to focus my consciousness. It was quite a struggle, for a couple of months, to learn how to maintain the intention of my sessions, without wandering off into my daily concerns and thoughts; however, it became easier each time I started the music track, and soon all it took was for the music to flood my ears to get to the space of contemplation. I also began to learn that meditation does not necessarily have to take place sitting cross-legged and sitting on a mountain top; I was learning to incorporate contemplation and mindfulness with every activity I was involved in. I also began working with a Shaman as my mentor, and what I explicitly learned about the Shamanism belief, is that the universe presents everything we need every second of every day. In other words, nothing is a coincidence, and everything is planned and coordinated into wonderful synchronicity. Learning to pay attention to all the “signs” that bombard us throughout the day, is truly the secret to growing into a connected and enlightened being. Paying attention to this spiritual information flow has been at the forefront of everything I do in life now, and it has truly opened a great avenue for personal growth. The reason I decided to document contemplation and mindfulness, is because it is completely inherent and embedded in my life.

I perform a purposeful meditation as part of my daily routine, outside of the moments of mindfulness that happen throughout each day. I don’t normally document each meditation unless it contains a message of great importance; however, I have noticed some interesting things as I am journaling my meditations for this class. I generally go into meditation for some of the following reasons: wait and see what spirit wants to show me, ask a specific question, and listen for the answer, send out a specific intention, or just clear as many thoughts as I can and just sit in a nice quiet space. Honestly, I normally practice the contemplation type of mediation, receive what I need to receive, and trust the process; allowing my connection with the universe to guide my meditation has proven to be very lucrative and interesting. This process also aligns with earlier lessons in this class, that speak about knowing without knowing how, which I have certainly had to develop to accept, trust, and put into place the information I receive. A process like this is almost like agreeing with the universe to simply be an antenna that receives whatever the spirit world wants to tune into and allow me to download.

I had experienced a wide variety of experiences from meditating over the last few weeks, and these experiences have shown me many things that I never thought possible through logical processing. Not every meditation teaches me something practical to use in my life, however, these journeys open my knowledge about things, and issues, that I might not otherwise be able to access. In fact, I have been approached several times by the same General and a female with a rainbow tattoo on her right cheek named Danielle, in these journeys trying to warn me off “just dropping in where I want to” (their words). Being threatened by a General, of all people, clearly demonstrates to me that I am truly viewing many sensitive areas and situations that I am not supposed to know or have experience with. Sometime last year I purposefully contacted a council of aliens to negotiate for a client of mine; I thought I made a successful deal with them but soon found out that this was also quite taboo. I received a very strong message, from an entity that remained unidentified, who told me that I was not authorized to negotiate with off-world entities for human affairs, and I was to stop immediately. However, I digress and will realign with some of the experiences of this exercise.

I have had some very interesting journeys that include visiting the backside of the moon, visiting an alien entity on the planet Sirius B, talking to might oak trees, walking through all my childhood houses, visiting secret human experimental bases, operating multiple types of fighter jets, traveling on a high-speed train in Denmark, meeting the queen of Sheba, experiencing the hounds of the barrier (discussed in the Emerald Tablets), looking in on my great grandfather’s life, meeting the Galactic Federation Council, and watching the earth at the earliest part of creation. The main theme that I have been immersed in during my meditations, is the absolute vastness, complexity, and infinity of the cosmos.

One such journey, for example, took me to the edge of our known reality (if that even makes sense), but at the boundary of this reality there were another endless number of realities that existed with their own boundaries and their own limitless realities, and so it goes on into infinity. Another journey took me inside the smallest quantum particle that we have theorized about; here I saw that even the smallest particle brings in all of infinity to its core when it processes energy to send out. However, in a subsequent meditation, I was informed that even this smallest particle is made of particles, and once again it extends into eternity. I have also witnessed the convergence of all the endless number of timelines, into one single timeline during which the ascension and awakening of consciousness will happen, only to branch off again into endless numbers of timelines. There are other journeys that similarly show the vastness of infinity; I feel like this is one of the most powerful messages for me during these recent weeks, to learn just how insignificant, yet embedded we are to all that exists. We might just be a drop in the great sea of the infinite cosmos, however, every sea needs drops or it ceases to be the sea. Everyone is connected and everyone matters.

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