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Reality Seems to Change All The Time

The nature of our reality is a hot topic in recent times, and the ideas are very strange indeed. Reality is much bigger than our limited senses could ever comprehend; however, our human nature continues to seek out answers to the nature of our reality. The advent of quantum physics and quantum mechanics has really challenged our belief system. Our technology has grown exponentially and truly allows us to investigate and realize the complexity and beauty of this place we call home. Even though we know much more than our predecessors did, I feel we are far from knowing everything there is to know. I don’t know how you feel about this reality, but I feel like it changes constantly, and if we learn to pay attention, we can pick up on the subtle changes.

I guess I am making it sound easy to pay attention to what is going in our daily life, but it does take lot of practice to learn to notice more about the world in which we live in. We can generally go through our day primarily on autopilot because our subconscious mind has been programmed to maintain our livelihood. The problem with running on autopilot, is that our day become predictable, and we don’t necessarily experience anything new from day to day. Basically, I am saying that we need to begin to live our life on purpose, and not let our programming rule our lives. When we take the time during our day to focus on what is going on around us, we can truly begin to see what the universe is trying to tell you. I have found that the true secret to “knowing” is to get good at paying attention. I can tell you that most of us don’t take the time to pay attention, and at the end of our day, we don’t really know what we experienced during that day. For example, how many of us have driven our car somewhere, but did not remember the trip? We all tend to default to autopilot and are truly missing the best parts of our lives at times.

I have really noticed, recently, that some of the smallest details have been standing out for me. These details have truly made me bring me back to wondering what my reality really is, and what my part I should be playing. Two days ago, I walked by a sign at the gym that was advertising a pod that measures body fat, and there was not a person in the pod on the picture. Today when I walked past the sign, everything was the same, except that a person was now shown in the pod. I am sure there might be a logical explanation, but even if the sign was simply switched out, then perhaps this was a message to me that I needed to pay more attention to my surroundings. Also, I have noticed that the night sky has been incredibly different in the border town that I have recently been assigned to. I think we would all agree that in the dense lights of the city, that stars in the night sky are really hard to see, however, I am stationed way outside of the city without many lights around me. The night sky at this site is very black with only the moon visible and a few bright stars visible. I have also noticed some numbers on the door of the tent we call an office, where I have walked past hundreds of times, and never noticed these numbers.

These are just a few examples that have happened recently, and I know that these examples are not earth-shattering information. However, these recent events began to get me to thinking deeply about this reality. There has been a lot of scientific experiments into how consciousness and our reality intermingle; this data and my recent experiences have solidified form me that this reality shifts and changes all the time. I imagine that reality changes from second to second, but it may change more slowly in our perception. Experiments have shown that we likely are not experiencing anything in real time, as it takes some time for our brains to process what we pick up with our five senses, put them into logical sequence and begin to fill in the gaps with our life experiences. So, are we always living in the past? It would seem so with that information. However, there have also been experiments that have demonstrated that our minds predict what is going to happen around 7 seconds before it is going to happen. Does this suggest that we might be living continuously in the future?

I think you may be getting the idea now that our minds are continuously processing information and most likely is updating our reality both in the past and in the future. It is likely that what we see in one moment, may be something different in another moment. In many ways our minds have gotten good at providing us with the right kind of experiences in order survive as a human being, but I imagine that what we experience is not always routinely the same. But I also believe that every bit of information that we need and every message that the universe is trying to communicate to us, is presented to us every second of the day. If you want real answers and guidance for your life, then learning to pay attention to our surroundings is paramount to our evolution as a human being and as a soul. Everything that we need to succeed and anything that we want to be is encoded into the universe that energetically bathes us in the cosmic internet. The universe contains everything there is, everything there was, and everything that will be….sounds familiar doesn’t it? I truly believe that every answer and every bit of information is available to us all the time, and all we must do is learn to pay attention and take ourselves off autopilot.

I know I am simplifying this process and making it sound easy, but it is difficult to learn how to pay attention more often. Our subconscious mind is programmed intricately so that normal every day tasks can be completed without us having to think about them. The problem with this programming, is that everything is very predictable, and you will find that nothing ever changes from day to day. For us to change, we must take charge of our conscious mind and train it to look for the messages that we are getting; and the second part of that equation is to do something with the information we are receiving. The biggest part of change requires action on our part; just wishing for something to happen, rarely brings about that wish. Newton gave us a clue with his laws: a body at rest stays at rest, and an action is followed by an equal and opposite reaction. In other words, we must get up off the couch, turn off the television, and do something!

The bottom line to this article is this: learn to listen, learn to act, learn to live.

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