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Signs Are Everywhere!

I have spoken and written about signs for a long time, however, even when one is aware that signs from the “Universe” are common, sometimes an experience strikes you as very unique. I was up by 4 am on Saturday to travel about 1 ½ hours to my guard drill weekend, and of course, it was extremely dark throughout the entire trip. We had been experiencing a lot of high wind over a couple of days previous to this early Saturday trip. Almost directly after I started out on this journey, I noticed a good number of business signs that were missing the plastic signs which only left the underlying lighting shining. It didn’t strike me as super unusual because of the recent wind, however, my perception was now dialed into signage and I noticed a lot of interesting things on this drive.

As you might have guessed, I am a big believer in signs from the “other side”. My take on messages that are being given to us from what we consider to be the source that is outside of our “normal” reality, is that we are left with the need for interpretation due to us not speaking the same language as the spiritual world. I always seem left with the job of trying to figure out what the meaning of obvious, or not-so-obvious, signs actually mean for my life. I have gotten fairly good at figuring out the meaning of these elusive signs; I have a standard validation sign of double rainbows which shows up quite frequently. My fairly long trip became quite a barrage of messages once I had dialed in my perception of the thousands of signs along my route.

There were a large number of types of signs to pay attention to.

Directional road signs

Information road signs

Brightly lit business and billboard signs

Dimly lit business and billboard signs

Signs with lighting that was not turned on

Business signage that listed many available businesses

Business signage that had vacant sections

My interpretation of the directional road signs is that we are quite dialed into the “normal” daily activities, and these signs establish boundaries and validation of where we think we are heading in our life. We tend to get locked into the input of this reality and truly think that we are traveling along the appropriate path because all the directional signs seem to support our belief. There is nothing wrong with moving along with normal reality, but very few of us will ever succeed at the level of our dreams until we see what is outside these boundaries. Some of the signage was very bright which could lead us to distraction because they stand out well, but are they the most appropriate signs to be paying attention to? They may very well be the universe trying to get attention, but I think we should always be leery of these brilliant signs. The dimly lit signs might represent the messages that have begun to fade out of our perception, and may even have served their purpose enough to begin to move away from our perception.

The signs that were in the dark, without any lights shining from within, or upon them were the most intriguing to me. I pondered on the message of signs that could be seen, if an effort was applied, but not so brilliant as to draw our attention directly. I strongly believe that these messages are there for the taking, if we do deep work to find them; almost everything we have always needed for guidance is always there, but not readily presented to us. We cannot get so wrapped up in the bright signage, nor the routine directional and informational signage and forget to go after the messages that are located in the darker spaces of our consciousness. We all should consistently work to get out of our conscious mind and go deep within the subconscious to retrieve the available but elusive messages. Some might also consider this “shadow” work, where you go deep within yourself to realize who you really are and begin to do the work to enlighten these darker areas of yourself.

My belief is that it really doesn’t matter what you call this deep work, what matters is that we dig in and figure out what is inherently within us. I challenge all of you to find a routine that resonates enough to be able to reach within yourself; we all have such awesome amounts of untapped potential that is just waiting for us to initiate. I also challenge you to not take this reality for granted, and work more consciously to pay attention to all the signs that are being broadcast around us all the time. You will be completely amazed at what is and has been at our fingertips and has simply just gone unnoticed.

Finally, I challenge you to live on purpose, and not just go through life with blinders on!!

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