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Talking to the Dead!?

Talking to the dead has long been embedded in many cultures; in my opinion, this is a natural and real phenomenon. The scientific community, coupled with Artificial Intelligence (AI), has been taking a front seat in this area. In a short article found here:, AI is being utilized to “communicate” with the dead. Now at first, I thought this was more outside the box, versus mediums communicating with the dead, however, some of this story makes perfect sense.

I am actually a medium and can communicate with those that are not living, however, the process or the logic behind how this happens is even a mystery to me. I have simply learned to trust what I receive and communicate it to the person that needs to know this information. I actually believe that if I try to make sense of this gift and break it down into logical steps, I will lose the authenticity and effectiveness of this gift. Although I don’t break my gift down to logic, I have done a lot of research as to how we might actually be communicating with the non-living. I believe that what allows me and others to communicate with the dead is simply latching on to the residual or quantum signature of the living person’s history and energy to bring them alive once again. When you read the article linked above, you will notice that the AI program is simply pulling all the information available about the dead person to formulate appropriate messages.

There are a lot of ways to look at this particular gift but however the connection happens, as long as the person you are connecting for gets what they need, does it really matter how it happened?! I truly believe that sometimes I am simply connected with the memories of the dead person that my client has stored deep in their subconscious. Then it can be as simple as reminding the client of their own memories. It seems that connecting with the energy of the non-living happens when one connects to something that holds that energy, which can be an object that they once owned, the simple act of speaking or writing their name, or capturing the energy from a picture of them.

On another note, I perform hypnosis and the realism of the spiritual realm seems very evident, so perhaps we are really connecting with the “soul” that the dead person once housed. My belief in this realm has been solidified by the large numbers of clients that describe this realm exactly the same; this includes people from all walks of life, all religions, all cultures, etc. For argument’s sake then, if this realm really does exist, then there must be spirits, souls, or energies that inhabit them. There are a lot of reasons why a soul would return to the spiritual realm; it could be for reset, life review, or decisions on the next life. Whatever the reason for occupying this space, the soul would certainly contain the memories of their formal life, and some people are gifted enough to connect with that energy. What is also helpful when connecting to these former living people, is that they can provide an “overhead view” that we do not have here on this earth plane. These souls also are purely connected with the “cosmic internet” and have access to everything there is to know; in this way, this connection is extremely helpful.

The bottom line, at least for me, is if I can help someone connect to the information about a loved one that has passed, then that is good enough for me. I don’t necessarily have to understand how it happens, just that it happens, and it helps people in this living realm. I am no different from anyone other human; even those without a gift like this will randomly connect with the non-living through dreams and even in an awake state. Even if people are not connecting on purpose, the dead will find a way to communicate when the need is great enough for this information to come through.

This is not an article designed to change anyone’s beliefs, it is simply to throw out some thoughts on the subject of communicating with the other side. I encourage everyone to research these ideas for yourself and come to your own conclusion.

Stay Strong and Live Your Life!!

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