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The Pure Connection of Hypnosis

I am a practitioner of Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT).  I have done many sessions and have been a practitioner for about 7 years now.  If you have ever read any of the books that Dolores has published, you will notice that there is some very spectacular information that comes through in QHHT sessions.  I have had all the same experiences that Dolores has; the hypnosis technique is quite amazing!  It seems like I get new revelations, through my clients, every time I conduct a session, and today was no different.


I was on the line of questioning about how many times this client has had a life on earth, and apparently this is only her 3rd life here on earth.  I could not help myself; I took the opportunity to ask if this earth is a physical place or something else (like maybe a simulation).  The answer I received was the most unique one I received with this question.  “They” said that not only was the earth a physical place, but it is also the “most physical” place in the cosmos.  Continuing with the answer, they said that the earth is the highest-level soul school throughout the cosmos, and anyone who incarnates here is quite brave. 


I have heard some of the answers before, but never have I heard the earth described as the most physical place that exists.  Let’s face it, if we are energy beings at our normal and base existence, it would be enormously difficult to navigate this dense and emotion-laden place in a very limited meatsuit.   Our senses are extremely limited, we can only experience and interact with around 1% of all there is to experience.  Can you imagine being a being of energy and light, finding yourself locked in a place like Earth in a body with all these limitations?  The other problem with incarnating on earth is that we don’t come with memories of who we are?  It is one thing to be tested on material that we have been instructed on, or at least had a study guide to go off of; however, when we come here, we have zero memory of any study material and have no idea that we are even being tested!  It is no wonder that many humans feel completely lost. 


Hypnosis is an awesome avenue to be able to take advantage of information and the connection of your subconscious mind.  This part of the mind is not readily accessible to our conscious mind, but it is the secret to who we are.  Around 95% of our life is produced through the operation of the deep subconscious mind; this is where all our life experiences, upbringing, cultural influences, religious indoctrination, schooling, and basically each one that has ever happened to us get burned into our program.  This can be good when it comes to complicated actions such as walking, driving, and talking, for example, but the problem is that every experience also gets wrapped up in this programming, good or bad.  Many of us wonder why we can’t seem to change our life experiences and keep attracting all the things we don’t consciously want into our lives; this is because our subconscious is running the same old program over and over creating the same results. 


To change your life, you need to go deep and work on rewriting this program.  We tend to have the same automatic thoughts from day to day, yet we expect such different results without any success. This can be accomplished in many ways, but hypnosis is one of the best and fastest ways to effectively alter that programming that haunts our lives.  What most people discover through hypnosis is that they are truly responsible for all the things that have happened in their lives; this is a good place to start when you realize that you have been the problem all along.  The best way to solve problems is to discover what the problem is, and connecting your subconscious to the source for straight answers is one of the purest ways to accomplish this. 


Take the leap and find yourself a hypnosis practitioner that you resonate with for your own journey – you will not be disappointed!!



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