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The Soul

By Angelo Stevens

A soul comes in many forms, torn asunder or full of thorns lost for some many mourn

Tried and true tested we are, tossed from many taken afar, feet sluggish moving in tar

Hurdles we face, challenges we pace, within this realm shall be a saving grace

For those things given, are not worth living, for there will always be something missing

You see brothers and sisters alike, the best things we have in life, are things earned in strife

Value is placed on burdens earned, not on things so easily yearned, waste not within the churn

The trial of every human can be seen, friend foe enemy fiend, you must be sighted and senses keen

Lend a hand up, not a handout, change to a smile from that pout, gardens grow not in a drought

We each are tried and true, we each know what we should do, and growing fresh a soul wet as dew

Fostered and cared for as a parent to child, sometimes calm, others wild, temperament never mild

Darkness shall never dim a soul, this most of all you should know, your soul shall forever glow

With each kind act, you can retract, the darkness within and blaze it back

So shine bright, for the heavens to see, everything your soul can be, together in this, you and me

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