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What Do We Really Believe?

There has been some very challenging information and experiences recently, that have been creating great doubt about what I have been taught about this reality. It seems that the flat earth – round earth debate has heated up very intensely. I am beginning to believe that this dilemma is designed to keep all of us divided and in great doubt of any belief, which clearly leaves us in a state of not knowing or truly believing anything. But I imagine that if my job or mission was to create disinformation amongst the population, I would conduct that same type of programming and mischief. I made the mistake of engaging in some of these conversations on social media and have found just how embedded belief systems are in people’s minds. Before realizing that I was only getting nowhere with my comments, I closed up my comments with a statement that says: none of us common people will ever be provided the tools to absolutely validate or disprove our beliefs about this reality we live in. I then decided that I did not want to continue contributing to the disinformation program that has been running amuck.

One thing that I have clearly learned in my own personal journey, was that perceptions unchecked, soon become your reality. I see just how true this perception problem is during the intense conversations with my clients – the sad part about our embedded beliefs, which are formed from our past, is that our mind simply makes up most of the perceptions that lead to our hardwired beliefs. Using the example above about flat versus round earth – if someone believes that the earth is flat, their perceptions will always be dialed into experiences that support this belief, and so it goes for the round earth believer. Another simple example can be demonstrated when you buy a new car, let’s say it is a red corvette – suddenly you notice red corvettes everywhere you go! The red corvettes have always been there, you just haven’t noticed them because you were not dialed into that perception. There are however situations and knowledge that will sometimes abruptly interrupt our belief system and change our perceptions. For example, I was listening to a flat earth believer on YouTube a couple of days ago, and he was discussing the belief that the moon creates and affects the tides of the water on this planet. He asked a simple question that changed everything about the way I think about the moon when he stated: if the moon controls the tides of the bodies of water on our planet, then why don’t lakes have tides? You know, I have watched a lot of flat earth videos, and not one person has ever brought up this topic – now my long-standing belief has been challenged in a way that casts great doubt on my belief. Obviously, this question does not prove anything empirically, but it clearly creates confusion within my perception that must be addressed – honestly, this question has left me in the middle of nowhere without any clear conclusions.

But where do our beliefs come from? They are a variety of cultural, societal, and standard school system programming that has been embedded within our subconscious minds over our lifetime. Between the ages of 0-7, we learn the rules of survival in this world, through a hypnotic state. A young child has a completely open mind that allows every bit of information into the subconscious mind – this is how we learn the rules of the game so that we can learn to survive and thrive in our life.

Why then is the subconscious mind so important to our lives? This is the part of our minds that automatically run our life, without the need to consciously participate. The subconscious mind operates approximately 90% of our day and happens without any memory or effort on our part. For example, we all learned to walk early in our lives – now unless there is some type of injury, we don’t have to learn to walk again because this is a hardwired program. Most of us have learned to drive at some point and found it difficult to master all the tasks involved to operate a vehicle, but now we can make a trip from home to work, and never even remember the journey, and that is because it is programmed into our subconscious mind. Now you might think that this is awesome to have everything done for us once we have mastered the task, however, this can play havoc with our life when unpleasant things happen to us.

Our minds are bombarded by 11 million bits of information every second, and our conscious mind can only handle about 40 bits of this information. This is quite a staggering difference, but the issue is that the remainder of this information goes straight to the subconscious mind and can become part of our programming. Just like your mother always said, you will become like the people you hand out with, and the situations you routinely allow yourself to be subject to. This goes even deeper than that however, everything in this world carries energy, and even those things you think are harmless, like movies, TV shows, symbols, etc., can directly influence your subconscious mind. Just imagine what happens when traumatic things happen to a person!! Traumatic experiences, whether real or perceived to be real, also become part of your programming, and often sets your life on a course of repeated, unwanted, and continued experiences that are similar to the former traumas. If someone had a horrible relationship experience, they seem to routinely attract similar experiences into their life without consciously participating in this attraction. This is because your mind is seeking its comfort zone, what it knows to be normal, even if it is uncomfortable and unwelcome. Unless the signal of the subconscious mind is changed and reprogrammed, a person is likely to continue to attract the same horrible experiences into their lives.

Let’s go back to the first paragraph of this article and look at programming. All our lives we have been told that the earth is a spinning ball that rotates around the sun, and I am by no means saying that this is not true, however, a theory that supports this was developed during a time in our history without the means to validate this idea. Right or wrong, we have been indoctrinated with this belief for the last 500 years, and now all of a sudden, this resurrected idea about the earth possibly being flat began gaining popularity. Can you imagine the dilemma that causes our hardwired and programmed subconscious mind?! Now, much of the population is struggling to determine for themselves what this reality actually is. You can also imagine how easy it is for disinformation artists to disrupt the normal lives of the population! It is hard enough to make sense of all the ideas about this reality – are we living on a spinning ball, are we living on a flat earth, are we living in an enclosed world, or is this a virtual reality? I have researched all the possible theories and ideas of this reality, and honestly, they all have some credibility to them, but I could not truly prove or disprove any of them.

I guess what it comes down to is that what we believe is what our reality will be. However, I do challenge you to not just take anything in this life at face value, and do your own research; be sure to take into account what everyone is saying in order to make your own informed decision on where your perception is focused. Our lives are clearly what we perceive them to be so do your homework and ensure that your perceptions are not being embedded within you without your permission. Be careful who you associate with, what media you allow into your five senses, what you read, and what the news outlets are telling you. I suggest that you protect your mind at all costs and only allow what you choose to enter into your mind – remember that your conscious mind is not a good defense against all the information we are blasted with every day.

Stay strong and choose your experiences wisely!!!

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