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High Level Communication

Have you ever imagined that you could communicate with someone on a deeper level and have positive effects? What if you could have that tough conversation with someone at a level of existence that is less susceptible to human emotions? This type of communication is entirely possible, and in fact, is very natural for us to do. Imagine that you have a topic of conversation that is difficult to deliver, but you still want to deliver it, and you could do this from a safe place, or from a distance and still have the same results as if you spoke to this person directly. To be honest, not many people know that you can do this type of communication on purpose.

There were some social media posts that were talking about this type of event, by quieting yourself in meditation, then imagining that you are kissing the love of your life and telling them that you love them from a distance. This action is somewhat similar to what I will be addressing in this article. The scientific community has long been validating that distance really doesn’t matter, and that what affects a particle at one place could affect a particle on the other side of the universe instantaneously. So, with this in mind, why could we not have a conversation across a distance and communicate just as well as in person? This is a real phenomenon and with a little bit of practice, you can do it too. I have used this technique many times in my life to have hard, tough, or sensitive conversations with someone.

We all know that there are things that we need to talk about with our significant others, however, it never seems to go the way we plan it, and what we really need to communicate gets lost in human emotions. I have found that approaching hard conversations over a distance is much easier and the receiver still gets the message. I remember using this a lot when I found myself in the middle of a family legal issue, and over time, my efforts to communicate my thoughts really paid off. I am not saying that we should be using this mode of communication to create or send bad things to other people, but to be able to communicate our real feelings without the laborious emotional baggage getting in the way.

Part of this technique does include learning to meditate and quiet the mind enough to allow the flow of communication. The technique that I use is fairly simple. I move into my meditative space and begin to visualize the person whom I want to communicate with, standing in front of me in my mind’s eye. I then imagine that their energetic body lifts up and over the top of the physical body, and my meditative state then begins to align with their higher self. This is where I begin to have my conversation with this “person”, and I often have a complete dialog with them. I know that this sounds a bit strange, but no stranger than social media posts about whispering things to the love of your life!

The next time I physically interact with this person, I find that the essence of what I communicated with them from a distance, has actually been embedded in them and the results of having this conversation are very apparent. Most people will never know that you are doing this at a conscious level, that is why you must be very diligent to be forthcoming and have good intentions with any communication done this way. Just like Spiderman says, with great power, comes great responsibility!!! I recently suggested this technique to one of my clients; they tried it one time, and it had dramatic effects. I am not saying that one time is all that is necessary, just like any normal conversation, it sometimes takes many times to communicate everything that needs to be said.

You should give it a try and see how your communication across a distance works!

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